Just The Story of a Guy Who Loves Pressure Washers

Mike, Owner of Best Pressure ToolsHey there, I’m Mike. People often ask how I came about writing reviews on pressure washers, so I wrote a little backstory for you.

First, let me just say I love pressure washers. There’s something about their simplicity and the huge difference in Before and After photos that I never got tired of.

It feels like I’ve tried every pressure washer on the market. When a friend is looking to buy a pressure cleaner/washer, they turn to me because I’ve done the research and I’m always on the lookout for new deals and price drops.

While I’ve never owned a pressure washing business, I’ve spent tens if not hundreds of hours pressure washing my house, my driveway, my parents driveways, barbecues, cars, sheds, and anything else you can point a pressure washer at and blast the heck out of!

This site to helps home improvement junkies like me get started with their first pressure washer, as well as helps the seasoned veteran pick a high end pressure washer for their business or personal use.

Here, I share my personal experiences and what I have learned over the years of blasting away dirt with  a jet stream of water… You will learn from my mistakes and hopefully avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of junk. Nothing speaks louder than real world experience.

If you have anything you want to share please reach out; I appreciate any and all feedback (even the bad stuff).
I wish you all the best – until we meet in person… stay wet!

– Mike H.
Owner at BestPressureTools.com
email: bestpressuretools@gmail.com






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